Très Bon! The French have BANNED after hours email.


vive la france

The French have got it right! Their new laws mean that any organisation with more than 50 employees needs to determine hours when their employees should not send or reply to emails.

Emails are a constant drain on our attention in the workplace and need to be managed better. But now they have become a constant drain on our attention outside of the workplace as well. Like it or not, many managers expect their people to answer emails immediately. Wherever they are. And it also seems that we, as workers just can’t help ourselves from picking up that smart phone when the email ping is calling.

I spoke about it on radio here: Click Here to Listen

And this must be impacting relationships, work-life balance and stress in general. I wrote an article earlier about how 80% of kids notice that their parents bring work stress home with them.

What do you think? Good or bad? Should we have to implement a law for this or should we just be more understanding or people’s personal time?

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