Doing What’s Necessary Instead of What’s Nice

Are you doing what’s necessary instead of what’s nice? Here is a simple exercise: Part 1: Take a piece of paper and write the down the top [...]

Lesson Five: Beating Procrastination

In this video you’ll find tips for beating procrastination and ways to stay on track when you don’t really feel like it. Once you've watched the [...]

How to Sleep. And Why.

Sleep. It seems really simple and yet most of us aren’t doing it right. Research shows that up to 65% of adults in Australia either don’t get [...]

Lesson Four: Taming Emotions

In this course we look at one thing that typically gets in the way - emotions. Once you've watched the video answer the final questions in the [...]

Lesson Three: Creating Key Behaviours

Key behaviours are often small things that make a big impact. These are the things we need to do repetitively on a daily or weekly basis to move us [...]

Five Things You Do Every Day if You’re a Leader

Are you a leader or are you just managing people? Even if your title says ‘leader’ there’s an easy way to tell the difference. Here are five of [...]

Lesson Two: Building your MIT

MIT’s form the foundation that guides our behaviours and helps us get closer to what we want. Once you've watched the video answer the final [...]