Travel Hacks - The AirCon Clothes Dryer

*I travel a lot. Like, over-100-flights-a-year-a-lot. So I have learnt a thing or two about surviving the travel-for-work syndrome. For those of you who travel a lot also, these are the best pieces of advice I can give you……… I hope they help.

You finish a day of work and you are beat. But you know you need to get some exercise done for your health, sanity, or just to burn off some of the stress from the day’s travel and work (this is especially true for me after a full day workshop or keynote).

You hit the gym or get out for a walk, or go for a run. But it’s hot. You return to your hotel room and your shirt is heavy with sweat. You hang it over the towel rail in the bathroom, but by morning, that top is still wet. You have an early meeting and then the flight home, so you stuff it in your carry-on thinking “my god - this is going to be horrible when I unpack it at the other end.”

And when you get home - that prophecy comes true. It is disgusting.

This used to happen all the time to me. Or if I’ve been on the road for a while, I might wash something in the hand basin, and then it’s not quite dry by the time I have to leave. My last resort is always to grab the plastic laundry bag from the wardrobe and stuff my wet belongings in there so they at least don’t contaminate the rest of my clothes.

Then I discovered this. It’s so effective, it’s crazy.

Take your wet clothes, and hang them directly under the air-conditioning vent. Yup - right under there. They will be dry before you know it!

I once went for a morning run in Melbourne, came back drenched in sweat (gross), hung my shirt under the vent while I went to breakfast and 90 minutes later after I have eaten, showered, and got my stuff together, that shirt was dry.

Even better - buy a shirt with some anti-stink technology and it won’t even smell once you pack it.

My go-to travel shirt is by Lululemon. It has some sort of magic attached to it that apparently kills bacteria. I don’t know if that’s true (or even possible) but I do know that I can go through this process, work out in the shirt 24 hours later and there is no stench at all.

Massive thumbs up for the air-con and massive thumbs up for Lululemon.

Happy travels!

** Tony Wilson is a Workplace Performance Expert. His insights into performance science and it's application in the workplace will make you re-think the way that you approach leadership, culture change, high performance and productivity. Tony has an MBA and a BSc majoring in physiology and delivers workshops and keynote presentations around the globe.

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