TW's Travel Tips #1: Nutrition - Don't Double Up

Nutrition - Don't Double Up!

It's really quite easy to overeat when you are travelling. Especially when you are flying and/ or travelling across time zones.


How many times have you had breakfast at home, only to have a second breakfast on that early morning flight? Clearly you don't need one of those meals, so make a choice

You will also find a similar trap when you cross time zones.

Maybe it was lunchtime when you left your origin, and when you land at your destination, it's lunchtime all over again. For your travel day across time zones, stick to your regular eating times. When you are settled on day two, fall into the routine at your destination.

Little details like these keep your blood sugar stable throughout the day and stop the energy 'highs and lows' that cause us to crash and burn by 3-4pm.

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