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Progress Journal 2.0

We’ve been on a mission to help people to improve their work lives. And in turn, their lives in general. One of the tools we rolled out last year was the Progress Journal. As those of you who’ve used it know, it was designed to help people focus on the Critical Areas they need to to be successful, fulfilled and productive - the areas of Work, Home and Relationships and the area of Self.

After a year of experimenting and getting amazing feedback, we’re about to release version 2.0. The new journal comes with a new name: the Focus Planner. We realised that the key benefit of the journal was actually getting people focussed on the things that matter. And ‘Planner’ is a more apt description than ‘journal’ for what we were trying to achieve.

Here’s some of the feedback we had and how we’ve addressed it in this new version of our popular tool.


Daily Spread:

More room for notes day-to-day:

The new daily spread has a vastly different look - with more room to get creative and more ‘negative space’ (our designers tell me that’s a fancy word for ‘blank space’) for you to write notes, draw, or generally get things out of your head. The daily planner is still there, but for those who don’t use it as much, it can hide to the side and you can just use the page for notes instead.


Small Things That Make a Great Day:

This is a new section and replaces the area where you wrote down what you need to do tomorrow. Our research showed us that by focussing on the one-percenters and highlighting these at the start of the day, people were more likely to make these happen. These small things might be as simple as ‘Stay Hydrated’ or ‘Have that conversation’ but they are a constant reminder of the little things that will help you feel a sense of achievement or fuel your performance.

Weekly Spread:

Key Behaviours are Now Habits:

Habits seemed like a more relatable term than Key Behaviours, so we made this simple change. The Habit Tracker is a bit cleaner. In fact the whole spread is cleaner. We didn’t change the number of things to focus on for the week - that remains at three because we know it helps people get the important things done.


Monthly Spread:

More Flexibility for Monthly MIT’s:

People felt they were compelled to write two MIT’s for each area, so we made this a lot more flexible and less prescriptive. Write one, two or five MIT’s each month for each of the Critical Areas. It’s up to you.

Room For Important Dates
Plan your month and get a handle on those important dates that are coming up.



An easier way of checking back to your weekly or monthly plan:

In the Focus Planner, we’ve included two ribbons instead of one. This way you can use one to mark your current day, and the other to mark either the weekly spread, the monthly spread or the next page in your notes section in the back.

Better Instructions Section

We have better spreads at the start that help with instructions and how to use the Planner most effectively.


Weekend Spreads

So that you can keep your habit in tact over the weekend, we’ve put together (very) abbreviated Saturday and Sunday pages to help you think about any work items that need your attention, and any items outside of work that you need to focus on.


Pre-Order Your Focus Planner - $13.50!!

Our Focus Planner is about three weeks away from official launch. We have an offer to pre-order your Focus Planner at 50% off. The new version is coming with a slight price increase to $26.99. But you if you want to pre-order, you are able to get it for half price - that’s just  $13.50 !! This offer will only remain until we have the Focus Planner in stock, which we expect to be around 3 weeks times. But it could be sooner, so order now.








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