Case Study: Qld Health, Behaviour and Culture Change

Case Study - Qld Health

Culture and Behaviour Change

Qld Health’s Needs

In 2016 Qld Health embarked upon a massive culture change initiative. Their objective was to significantly change the behaviours of their people as well as their attitudes towards their work, the organisation and the role of leaders.

After an assessment of the current culture, the Human Resources and Organisational Development staff re-defined the future of the Qld Health culture, and within this, they identified some significant behavioural changes that needed to happen firstly with their leaders and secondly with their staff and team members.

The Solution

They engaged Tony Wilson and Teamcorp to undertake a series of workshops to give leaders the skills and the motivation to influence the behaviours of their staff. These workshops were titled: Influencing Behaviours for Success.

The workshops would change leadership behaviours’ by making them accountable for their team’s performance improvement (both in results and behaviours), and would also change staff behaviours by enabling the leaders to confidently have coaching conversations that made a real impact.

Format and Delivery

The program took on a three-part approach.

Part One was a 60min Keynote address about the science of high performance and leadership. The aim was to generate some real interest in the topic to maximise registrations for the rest of the programs. If nothing else, the attendees would get a fantastic glimpse into how leaders affect the performance of their people.

Part Two was a half-day workshop, designed to help leaders understand how and why people choose behaviours and ultimately how to influence these choices.

Part Three was a second half-day workshop which reviewed some of the skills that the leaders learned in Part Two – specifically what they had tried and what had worked. We also went on to define culture for their own teams and went in-depth on coaching for behaviour change.



Tony helped the leaders to understand how people choose their behaviours, and therefore how we could influence those. He was also able to show leaders the incredible impact that their own behaviours’ have on the choices of others that they lead, and how changing their leadership behaviours was the first step for lasting culture change and leading people effectively.

Here are some of the results from that program:

98% Of participants plan to apply the skills and knowledge that they learnt back in their workplace

99% of participants would recommend this training to other staff

100% of participants found Tony Wilson an effective facilitator

97.3% of participants have a better understanding of how to positively influence behaviours in the workplace

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