3 Keys to Team Performance


1) Create Real Collaboration

Real collaboration requires that no one is afraid to say what they think, or engage in heated debate to sell their opinion. Too many teams are bound my un-speakable topics, fear of stupid questions, or domination of strong personalities over the introverts. Take steps to make sure that everyone is comfortable speaking up and defending their stance.

2) Set the Rules of Behaviour

Above all else, the one thing that stops managers holding people accountable to behaviours is that they don’t make those behaviours clear. By setting the team’s rules of behaviour, we make expectations clear and set boundaries around what is acceptable. To do this effectively, see number (1) above.

3) Be Consistent

The key to any change is consistency. If you want people to focus on goals and execute the high impact behaviours, you need to talk about them, review them and measure the ALL THE TIME. This is the only way that people see that these things are important.
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