Virtual Workshops for Lockdown and Beyond.

The Best Workshops in Performance, Productivity and Wellbeing.

Create Your Virtual Workshop Program

Not everyone is performing at their best while working from home. While productivity numbers suggest we're doing pretty well, they don't always take into account extra hours that people are working (up to 75min more per day) and they only measure productivity, whereas total performance - including engagement, development and wellness - might be a better measure.

How do we bridge the gap? By giving people the skills to manage themselves and their enviornment while working from home and transitioning to hybrid work. 

We know it's difficult to find a learning and development solution that suits you and your staff, so here is our list of topics based on productivity , performance and wellbeing that might help. Mix and match what you need to make the right workshop series for your organisation. 


Choose from the Categories below:

Each sub-topic is between 30-60 minutes

  • Optimising Your Day
  • Resilience and Mindset
  • Work Life Balance
  • Managing Energy and Recharging
  • Hybrid Working Effectiveness


Virtual Workshop Pricing:

One hour workshop: $3000 + GST

4x One Hour Workshop program: $12,000 $10,000 + GST


Optimising Your Day (4 topics):

  • Working with Focus (30min)
  • Beating Procrastination (30min)
  • Structuring your day to manage overwhelm and mental overload (30min)
  • Digital wellness and managing distractions (30min)

Resilience and Mindset (5 topics):

  • Sustainable Performance – managing motivation, rewards and goals (30min)
  • Building Grit (30min)
  • Intentional Behaviour and getting out of the Comfort Zone (60min)
  • Dealing with Setbacks (30min)
  • Managing Negative Self Talk (30min)



Work Life Balance (2 topics):

  • Connecting to what’s important and the foundations of work life balance (60min)
  • Work Life Performance habits – thriving in Work and Self (30min)


Recharge/Managing Energy (3 topics)

  • Recharge to stay in the Performance Zone (30min)
  • Sleep for Optimal Performance (30min)
  • Managing Physical, Mental and Emotional Energy (30min)


Hybrid Working Effectiveness (4 topics):

  • Taking control of your work and effectiveness in different environments (30min)
  • Working collaboratively between the virtual and physical office (30min)
  • Structuring your week to stay in the zone when switching between home and office (30min)
  • Three types of work - creative, tactical and habitual - and how to optimise for each throughout the day (30min)