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Focus. Balance. Resilience. Team Clarity. Team Culture. Leadership. 

Can you afford NOT to keep developing your teams and people?

Our new normal is not really normal. Most people are working from home. Traditional learning and development isn't an option.

But here's the thing:

Our people need new skills to show up and do their best work (without burning out) and our teams need more focus and intention than ever before.
We should be able to work remotely and keep developing our people and our teams.

New Virtual Programs:

We have taken our most effective performance workshops for teams, leaders and individuals and created amazing, affordable online learning experiences so you can get your team back to it's best and help your people thrive in their new situation.

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High Performance Team Program and Workshops

Focus: Team Performance, Team Culture, Team Goals and Execution

You want to keep your team performing at their best while they are working remotely. But here's the thing: working differently means we have to be more intentional about how we set up team performance. These workshops are aimed at helping your team stay focussed on what's important and work together as effectively as possible.

Suggested Program (1 hr/workshop): 

Workshop 1: Understanding High Performance

Workshop 2: Unlocking Team Potential

Workshop 3: Defining Our Team Culture (OR Building Team Goals)

Workshop 4: Key Behaviours (OR Performance Behaviours)


Workshops $3000 + GST
4x Workshop Program $8000 + GST

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Leadership Program and Workshops

Focus: Build the skills to boost team performance and engagement, with a focus on working remotely and managing remotely

Leadership is more important than ever with people working remotely and a need to manage autonomy and accountability. Learn how to do this effectively and keep your leadership L&D thriving.

Suggested Program
(1 hr/workshop):

Workshop 1: The Foundations of High Performance Teams

Workshop 2: Clarity - compelling goals and culture that gets traction

Workshop 3: Your Personal Brand and Leadership Behaviours

Workshop 4: Rewarding People and Holding them Accountable

Value Bonus: Online Course for all participants to follow up and keep momentum


Workshops $3000 + GST
4x Workshop Program $8000 + GST

Other Topics:
Delegation, Communication and Feedback, Inluencing Behaviours

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Human Performance Program and Workshops

Focus: Managing our days and managing ourselves to do our best work every day without burning out. Includes work life balance, self care and work from home initiatives.

Now, more than ever you need to understand how to be self-motivated and work at your best every day as well as juggling the demands of home life and shutting out distractions when necessary. Get an insight into these skills and help improve your effectiveness.

Suggested Program (1 hr/workshop):

Workshop 1: Understanding High Performance

Workshop 2: Beating Procrastination and Creating Urgency

Workshop 3: Planning for Daily Performance and Managing Tasks

Workshop 4: Learning to Recharge


Workshops $3000 + GST
4x Workshop Program $8000 + GST

Other Topics:
Resilience, Beating Stress, Managing Overwhelm, Burnout, Work Life Balance, Mindset, Staying Motivated

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Coaching Programs

Focus: leadership development, performance development, balance and focus

Our Coaching Programs are still in full swing and are probably the easiest virtual programs to execute. If you want your people to get some of the best coaching around and want to improve engagement, motivation, leadership, output and mindset, then now is a great time to do it.


6 month coaching (6 sessions): $4500 $4000 + GST

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