One of the keys to performance and wellness lies in our ability to bounce back from adversity. Most of us have experienced some kind of large adversity, either in the workplace or personally, and having a clear strategy to deal with these situations helps us get back to our best quicker. Quite often, though, it is the small cuts of every-day-adversity that impact us enormously: our rejected sales calls, a lack of quick wins, or constantly being challenged to be better when we think we’ve already given out best.

Over more than 20 years, Tony Wilson has dealt with elite athletes and other high performers who have to keep picking themselves up when they feel they’ve been knocked down. In this presentation, he shows us the cutting edge skills that help people boost themselves, their attitudes, their motivation and their performance and get back on track after setbacks. He shows us how to manage emotions, change our internal dialogue and how to work on the skills of optimism and happiness, which have been shown to drive resilience and grit.

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