High Performance and Productivity

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..of working in the 21st Century is taking its toll on an increasing number of staff. Underperformance, burnout, presenteeism and stress-related illness are sadly becoming a familiar part of our language. Performance Lab takes a sustainable approach to Performance and Productivity, focusing on more than just managing our time.

You won’t find another performance and productivity program backed with this much performance science. Your people won’t just leave feeling motivated; they will embed the behaviours, because they understand how and why it works.

This ten-module program will give your people all the skills they need to thrive in today’s workplace. Take the program as is or customize it to suit your strategic objectives.

Our Performance and Productivity depends on our ability to master four elements:

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Focus attention. Shut out distractions


Provide the fuel for sustained performance.


Control emotions and stress to do our best work.


Take moments to recharge and rethink.

Who uses this program?

  • Staff who want to boost their performance and productivity
  • Organisations that want their staff to build high performance skills and work at their best, for longer without burning out
  • Organisations that have invested in leadership and culture and know their staff are the last piece of the performance puzzle

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