For too long, management science has been about anecdotes, retrospect and case studies. At  Performance Lab, we take cutting edge performance science and help you apply it to today’s workplace. 

So much of what we ‘know’ about leadership and culture is based on anecdotes and observation. We say: 


“Well, Google does these 10 things and their people are productive and they make heaps of money...

so maybe we should do that too!”

Those things aren’t necessarily wrong, but there is little or no science to back them up. And if you are leader with limited time, then wouldn’t you rather focus your efforts on the things that are specifically proven to work for performance in today’s environment?

Those ‘things’ are out there. They have been researched and proven time and again, but until recently, they’ve been largely ignored. We have chosen to accept perceived cause and effect as a proxy for scientific fact.

At Performance Lab, we apply this science directly to performance and leadership in the workplace. You won’t just understand what you need to do, you’ll understand the science and data that supports it, letting you make an informed decision about it’s relevance.

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